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"That’s my girl, spreading sunshine wherever she goes."

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Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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31 July, 1980
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You were the brightest shade of sun I had ever seen
Your skin was gilded with the gold of the richest kings
And like the dawn you woke the world inside of me (x)

Lily and James cuddling on a sleepy morning :)

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happy 34th birthday to harry james potter! (and jk rowling)

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 happy birthday harry!

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but Neville being the greatest godfather to ever godfather though

  • always popping round for dinner in the holidays whenever he can to see his godson
  • flooing to the Potters’ as soon as classes have finished on Albus’ birthday so he can spent as much time as he can with him
  • making sure that Albus always had someone to talk to about personal stuff when he felt he couldn’t go to either of his parents
  • taking both Albus and James out during the first few months after Lily was born to make sure they never felt left out or replaced, and to reassure them that they are still loved
  • still joking around with Albus when he finally came to Hogwarts
  • whenever he scolded someone in the class that Albus didn’t like or someone that was giving him a hard time, he’s always turn around and give him a sly wink and Albus would stifle a giggle
  • helping Albus with homework he was stuck on, whether it was Herbology or not, regardless of having his own work to do or papers to mark because he still remembers how difficult things were for him
  • Neville buying him all the things Ginny and Harry thought he was just a little too young for, and then reminding Ginny and Harry about all the shit they used to get up to when they were Al’s age
  • Neville inviting Albus to his quarters for lunch and telling him all the childhood stories about his parents and uncles that they had all conveniently “forgot” to mention
  • Neville being the best godfather Albus could ever wish for
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While you can still call home the place where your mother’s blood dwells, there you cannot be touched or harmed by Voldemort. He shed her blood, but it lives on in you and her sister. Her blood became your refuge. You need to return there only once a year, but as long as you can still call it home, there he cannot hurt you. Your aunt knows this. I explained what I had done in the letter I left, with you, on her doorstep. She knows that allowing you houseroom may well have kept you alive for the past fifteen years.

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Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

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Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter! (July 31)

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Second request: Harry Potter theme and flobberworms. Of course I had to draw Ginny and Luna.

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It’s Harry’s and JKR’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooo =D In honor of celebrating the birth of the chosen one and the women who created it all, this blog will be strictly harry potter today! 

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Hello friends!  Do you love Skye?  Do you love the Blink-182 song “Aliens Exist?” Do you love events centered around numbers on a calendar matching a specific point of reference?  Then boy oh boy do I have the event for you!

Welcome, friends, to 0-8-4 Day! (as suggested here!)

When is it? 0-8-4 Day is on August 4, 2014 (08/4/14), from 12 AM EST 08/4 - 12 AM EST 08/5.

What is it? An 0-8-4 is classified by SHIELD as “an object of unknown origin.”  This event is going to be a little more specific than that, and focus exclusively on Skye, the only person we know of that has ever been classified as an 0-8-4.  

So then is it really fair to call it 0-8-4 Day?  Shouldn’t you just call it Skye Day?   Well for one, we already had a Skye week.  Redundancy aside, 0-8-4 Day focuses specifically on Skye as something extra-terrestrial.  0-8-4 Day is about the science fiction Skye we’ll hopefully get to see in season 2.

Okay, so what are you looking for on 0-8-4 Day?  I’m looking for anything and everything that celebrates my alien baby girl. 

Can you give some suggestions? Of course!  If you’d like some ideas, try out these!

  • Fics about Skye discovering her powers
  • Fics about Skye’s alien parents losing their (only????) daughter
  • Alien AUs!!!
  • Graphics about 0-8-4 Skye
  • Headcanons about her parents or her powers or times in her life when she used her powers without realizing it etc
  • Fanmixes
  • Fanart

Hope this helps!  It’s not an all-inclusive list, especially not in terms of fic ideas.  If I receive requests for it, I might make a list of prompts specifically for 0-8-4 Day.  We’ll see!

So does this thing have any guidelines or…? There are a few simple things to know before 0-8-4 Day starts.  They are as follows:

  • I will be tracking the tags #084day and #aos084day.  Remember to have that in your first five tags, or I might not see it!
  • I will be composing masterposts throughout the day of 0-8-4 Day posts, as well as reblogging whatever I can get my hands on!  (non-aos followers: if you haven’t already tumblr saviored agents of shield, now would be the time.)
  • There is no character hate on 0-8-4 Day.  Posts with character hate will not be considered as participatory, and will not be reblogged or included in masterposts.
  • It is all ships inclusive, so long as you remember the 0-8-4 element of it!
  • Have fun with it!  This is the first event I’ve ever tried to get off the ground, and it’s really more for us to geek out about aliens than anything else! 

Anything else? If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, feelings, or opinions, shoot me an ask!  And let me know if you guys want that prompt list!  I’ve got a few ideas.

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